Anaconda and Domino Data Lab to Deliver Integrated AI/ML Lifecycle Support for Python and R Users

November 10, 2022

Data science teams will achieve faster time-to-value through self-serve, instant access to the open-source Python and R tools used in every industry today. “This partnership with our friends at Domino Data Lab is incredibly exciting because it puts the power of open-source Python directly into the hands of data science teams changing the world. About AnacondaWith more than 30 million downloaders, Anaconda is the world’s most popular data science platform and the foundation of modern machine learning. About Domino Data LabDomino Data Lab powers model-driven businesses with its leading Enterprise MLOps platform trusted by over 20% of the Fortune 100. Domino helps businesses become model-driven by accelerating the development and deployment of data science work while increasing collaboration and governance.

The source of this news is from Domino Data Lab