C3 AI and Google Cloud Expand Partnership

October 23, 2022

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — September 13, 2022 — C3 AI (NYSE: AI) and Google Cloud today announced the three-year expansion of their partnership to significantly accelerate their joint selling and co-development efforts. Today, C3 AI’s entire portfolio of enterprise AI applications is available on Google Cloud. C3 AI and Google Cloud will also co-develop new AI-driven applications, using Google Cloud’s Vertex AI, ML capabilities, and data analytics services. In addition to industry-first enterprise AI software products, all of C3 AI’s 42 turnkey enterprise AI applications have been optimized for Google Cloud and are available on the Google Cloud marketplace. To learn more, visit the Google Cloud C3 AI partnership page of C3 AI’s corporate website.

The source of this news is from C3 AI