C3 AI and Shell Expand Collaboration for Asset Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

October 12, 2023

C3 AI Reliability to include the AI models and specific features developed by Shell Global Solutions International BV for control valves and critical equipmentREDWOOD CITY, Calif. – October 11, 2023 – C3 AI (NYSE:AI), the Enterprise AI application software company, today announced that the C3 AI Reliability application will now include predictive maintenance software developed by Shell. Shell’s predictive maintenance technology will continue to run on C3 AI Reliability as the two companies are close collaborators. Now, C3 AI will integrate this predictive maintenance technology into the C3 AI Reliability application, making it available to other customers and further advance C3 AI Reliability as the industry standard for predictive maintenance. To realize the most value from AI, C3 AI and Shell are pursuing a roadmap starting with reliability and asset monitoring solutions, focusing on safety, asset integrity, process and production optimization, and sustainability solutions. “The work between the dedicated teams from C3 AI and Shell during our five-year collaboration has created extremely successful AI initiatives deployed across a highly complex environment,” said C3 AI President and CTO Ed Abbo.

The source of this news is from C3 AI