C3 AI Announces Livestream for C3 Transform 2024

March 04, 2024

Watch the live webcast to hear from leaders and experts on how to use enterprise AI and generative AI securely and effectivelyREDWOOD CITY, Calif. — March 4, 2024 — C3 AI (NYSE: AI), C3 AI (NYSE: AI), the Enterprise AI application software company, is hosting its annual user conference, C3 Transform 2024, this week in Boca Raton, Florida, which is also available to livestream. Featured sessions and speakers include:C3 AI CEO Thomas M. Siebel on Harnessing Generative AI: Gift Horse or Trojan Horse? In addition to conversations around trends shaping the wider industry, C3 Transform 2024 will highlight the evolution of C3 AI’s solutions and offer attendees a firsthand look at the latest innovations in C3 Generative AI. Register for the livestream here: https://c3.ai/c3-transform-2024-livestream/About C3.ai, Inc.C3 AI is the Enterprise AI application software company. C3 AI delivers a family of fully integrated products including the C3 AI Platform, an end-to-end platform for developing, deploying, and operating enterprise AI applications, C3 AI applications, a portfolio of industry-specific SaaS enterprise AI applications that enable the digital transformation of organizations globally, and C3 Generative AI, a suite of domain-specific generative AI offerings for the enterprise.

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