Core Scientific Announces August Updates

October 23, 2022

Operating approximately 225,000 owned and colocated ASIC serversProduced 1,334 self-mined bitcoinsCore Scientific, Inc. (NASDAQ: CORZ) (“Core Scientific” or “the Company”), a leader in high-performance blockchain computing data centers and software solutions, today announced production and operational updates for August 2022. Core Scientific works with the communities and utility companies in which it operates to enhance electrical grid stability. Core Scientific operates data centers in Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, North Dakota and Texas, and expects to commence operations in Oklahoma in the next few quarters. Month over month comparisons are based on the combined results of Core Scientific and its acquired entities and are unaudited. Core Scientific provides this and any future similar unaudited updates to provide shareholders with visibility into the Company’s results and progress toward previously announced capacity and operational projections.

The source of this news is from Core Scientific