DataRobot Announces Availability of DataRobot Notebooks

January 11, 2023

Enhanced DataRobot capability provides one-click access to embedded notebooks to easily collaborate across code-first data science workflowsJanuary 10, 2023 — BOSTON, MA — AI leader DataRobot today announced the availability of DataRobot Notebooks, a fully integrated notebooks solution within the DataRobot AI platform that enables data scientists to collaborate across code-first workflows with one-click access to embedded notebooks. DataRobot Notebooks is compatible and interoperable with the Jupyter Notebook standard, accelerating onboarding onto the DataRobot AI platform. With this deep integration, DataRobot Notebooks serves as a code-centric solution for users leveraging DataRobot AutoML and MLOps capabilities. By providing the foundation for success and removing infrastructure maintenance, DataRobot Notebooks users can easily make progress and collaborate as a team.”Learn more about DataRobot Notebooks. About DataRobot The DataRobot AI Platform is the next generation of AI.

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