DataRobot Announces New Enterprise-Grade Functionality to Close the Generative AI Confidence Gap and Accelerate Adoption

November 10, 2023

“The demands around generative AI are broad, complex and evolving in real-time,” said Venky Veeraraghavan, Chief Product Officer, DataRobot. Now you can see cost per prediction and total spend by generative AI solution, set your own alerts to avoid exceeding thresholds, and make cost-performance tradeoff decisions. Generative AI Guard Models: Assess critical attributes like toxicity, sentiment, PII leaks, prompt injection, and correctness for generative AI models in production, as well as capture user feedback on the quality of generated responses to improve models over time. Generative AI Accelerators. To learn more about the DataRobot AI Platform and the latest release, visit

The source of this news is from DataRobot