DataRobot Announces New Generative AI Offering

August 11, 2023

Comprehensive Platform Capabilities and Applied AI Services Empower Enterprises to Drive Business Value with Generative AIAugust 10, 2023 — BOSTON — DataRobot, the leader in Value-Driven AI, today announced a new generative AI offering, including platform capabilities and applied AI services, to accelerate the path from concept to value with generative AI. Enterprise-Grade Generative AI Observability: Gain confidence operating all of your generative and predictive AI assets with advanced monitoring, management and governance. Generative AI Trust & Compliance Framework to support responsible generative AI governance processes and better prepare your business to meet existing guidelines and anticipate pending regulations. “That’s why AI platforms like DataRobot are critical in unlocking business value with generative AI and predictive AI alongside robust monitoring, governance, and a broad ecosystem. They create a competitive edge for enterprises.”To learn more about our generative AI offering announced today, visit

The source of this news is from DataRobot