DataRobot Launches Initiative with Google Cloud to Unlock New Generative AI Capabilities

August 24, 2023

This partnership combines the value-driven AI platform and applied expertise from DataRobot with the scalable infrastructure and services from Google Cloud, helping organizations to confidently and safely use generative AI solutions to improve real-world business operations. DataRobot’s newly-launched generative AI offering uniquely brings both generative and predictive AI capabilities together in the DataRobot AI Platform, delivering an open, flexible, end-to-end platform for customers to experiment, build, deploy and monitor enterprise-grade AI solutions. As part of the collaboration, DataRobot will introduce new industry-specific generative AI solutions, beginning with a healthcare solution that leverages Vertex AI to help clinicians improve hospital operations and patient care. “Through this new initiative with Google Cloud, we are opening up new avenues with generative AI, empowering customers with the confidence and security to implement generative AI solutions and maximize their Google investments,” stated Ksenia Chumachenko, Vice President of Alliances and Business Development at DataRobot. “The combination of DataRobot’s platform and Google Cloud’s scalable infrastructure and technology, including generative AI, can help clinicians better understand and make decisions with data.”Additional enhancements include:Availability of DataRobot generative AI solutions on Google Cloud for customers to leverage insights and predictions from foundation models through Google Cloud’s Vertex AI to build new AI applications and confidently monitor all AI assets with DataRobot.

The source of this news is from DataRobot