DeepL Navigating the challenges of content localization in 2023-2024: Industry insights and practical solutions

January 22, 2024

Essential for businesses looking to expand their global reach, content localization allows companies to reach consumers where they’re most comfortable: in their native language. Using the results of this survey, we created the report, The state of translation and localization in 2023-2024: insights, challenges, and opportunities. Then, to learn why DeepL’s AI translation tool is the ideal helper to speed up localization processes, you can access our full report. The rise of AI in content creationIllustration showing how AI content creation helps businesses connect with the right target marketAI’s role in content generation has been expanding over the past months. Learn how to streamline your content localization process with DeepLThese are just a few of the many insights you can expect from The state of translation and localization in 2023-2024 report.

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