DeepL Pro

August 17, 2023

However, DeepL Pro, our subscription service which provides access to additional features, is the ideal AI translation solution for businesses. From better collaboration to improved alignment to enhanced security, DeepL Pro is the ideal solution to foster meaningful relationships with international customers and colleagues. Thankfully, this is one of the places where DeepL API Pro excels. DeepL API Pro is great for:Website translation: translate your entire website quickly and accurately to expand to new global marketsCompany communications: integrate DeepL API Pro into your company’s internal and external communication, such as Confluence and SharePoint, for high-quality communicationLocalization support: integrate DeepL API Pro directly into your computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool and allow your localization team to benefit from DeepL’s accurate, nuanced translationsDeepL API Pro provides your company with consistent, appropriate, and respectful communication—allowing you to explore new global business opportunities with confidence. Thus, businesses that use DeepL Pro can rest assured that their sensitive information is in good hands.

The source of this news is from DeepL