DeepL Real-time PDF translation is here

October 23, 2022

Our real-time file translation feature now supports PDF as a file format. Fast and accurate PDF file translationsWhether it’s an eBook or a document from an international client, you can now translate entire PDF files with just a few clicks. The PDF translation feature is also available for API users who want to build this feature directly into their custom business applications. Two ways to translate PDF filesIf you use one of DeepL’s desktop apps, you’ll soon have two options for translating PDF files:Real-time PDF translation allows you to retain file formatting. If you use OCR, your file won’t be sent to Adobe Inc.Real-time PDF translation is now available via the web translator, the DeepL API, and will soon be available via the desktop apps, DeepL for Windows and DeepL for Mac.

The source of this news is from DeepL