Digitai Labs brings AI to life with real world scenarios

February 09, 2023

Xische’s DigitAI establishes its AI Lab in Frankfurt Germany in collaboration with AI Superior. To meet demand, DigitAI, a Dubai-based professional-led firm focused on emerging technologies and innovation management have established a Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Lab in Frankfurt Germany in collaboration with AI Superior. AI Superior, a Frankfurt, Germany-based technology firm, will provide enhanced Data Science, Machine Learning, & AI services that promises to deliver actionable data analysis and effective integration of AI and machine learning for organizations across the region. Fadi Jawdat Al-Hindi, senior partner of DigitAI, believes AI and machine learning will continue to gain traction in the coming 5 years, “Both DigitAI and AI Superior understand that AI and machine learning are the way forward for all industries to remain relevant. Real life applications will increase exponentially, which is why it’s so important to establish the right foundation and expand our services right now.”Sergey Sukhanov, co-founder of AI Superior, added, “With DigitAI we’re taking AI and machine learning and using them to solve real world problems.

The source of this news is from AI Superior