Domino Data Lab Named to Constellation ShortList for MLOps

October 23, 2022

The Domino Enterprise MLOps Platform helps professional data science teams improve the speed, quality, and impact of data science at scale. Data science models get into production fast and are kept operating at peak performance with integrated workflows for model deployment plus re-training and re-deployment. “This recognition highlights core MLOps capabilities that tap growing volumes of data, the latest ML methods, and scalable infrastructure to unleash data science,” said Nick Elprin, co-founder and CEO at Domino Data Lab. Additional ResourcesAbout Domino Data LabDomino Data Lab powers model-driven businesses with its leading Enterprise MLOps platform trusted by over 20% of the Fortune 100. Media Contact:Anya NelsonScratch Marketing + Media for Domino Data [email protected]

The source of this news is from Domino Data Lab