Équité Association Partners with Shift Technology to Deliver a National Fraud Detection Platform

February 28, 2023

Équité strives to detect and prevent insurance crime in support of all insurers in Canada, using advanced analytics, intelligence best practices, and coordinated investigations. The partnership between Équité and Shift will build the first P&C, national, Canadian and consortium-based approach using AI to detect and prevent insurance fraud, addressing a landscape where technology and fraud are evolving faster than ever. Mitigating the impact of insurance fraud, at a national scale, benefits insurers and their customers across Canada. About Équité AssociationA new company, Équité Association was conceived by the insurance industry to integrate cross-insurer data analytics operations with Investigative Services as a centralized effort to combat insurance fraud. Addressing several critical processes across the insurance policy lifecycle, the Shift Insurance Suite helps insurers achieve faster, more accurate claims and policy resolutions.

The source of this news is from Shift Technology