How Deutsche Bahn, Weglot, and Alza used DeepL’s AI translation for more efficient localization

September 07, 2023

However, there are ways to make localization easier and less time-consuming—namely, with AI translation. In this post, we’ll cover three case studies to see how real DeepL customers used AI translation to enhance their localization processes and take their businesses global. Since integrating DeepL, DB has added more than 30,000 entries to its glossary, allowing DB employees to communicate consistently across the organization. Since integrating the API, Weglot received plenty of positive customer feedback thanks to DeepL’s speed and accuracy. Improve your localization process with DeepL’s AI translationClearly, DeepL’s high-quality, accurate AI translations are a contributing factor to these three companies’ successful localization processes.

The source of this news is from DeepL