How Pandologic and Veritone Are Powering the Workforce with AI Services

October 23, 2022

We’re happy to announce the next step in PandoLogic’s goal of revolutionizing recruiting with artificial intelligence (AI) services: PandoLogic has officially become a part of Veritone, a leading provider of artificial intelligence technology and solutions. Through countless use cases, PandoLogic has proven that AI services can modernize hiring strategies and job seeker experiences. What will power the workforce of tomorrow: AI servicesBoth PandoLogic and Veritone have a shared vision: delivering better outcomes for people through AI. Veritone currently improves human connection through AI-powered services in the media & entertainment, government/law enforcement, energy, financial services, healthcare, and retail industries. Together with Veritone, PandoLogic will continue to create better outcomes for people through AI.

The source of this news is from Veritone