Introducing Point Machine Health for KONUX Switch: Uncovering the Once Undetectable

October 05, 2023

While repairing a point machine takes considerably less time than repairing a switch rail or a crossing (also known as a frog), point machine failures occur much more frequently, accounting for approximately 60% of S&C-related failures and the resulting delays. Firstly, most point machine monitoring systems rely on simple statistical thresholds that cannot effectively detect complex fault modes. Introducing Point Machine Health for KONUX SwitchKONUX Point Machine Health detects and diagnoses underlying faults of different subcomponents using electric current data, alerts users to potential failures while factoring in weather data and track condition, and assesses the effectiveness of maintenance actions. Point machine failures often result from a combination of faults which manifest themselves in the measured data. In the example below, the point machine was readjusted following a failure to lock in mid-June.

The source of this news is from Konux