Suki Launches Enhanced Ambient Integration with Cerner EHR

November 07, 2023

What You Should Know:Building upon the introduction of bi-directional ambient sync for Epic, Suki, the leader in voice artificial intelligence (AI) technology for healthcare, is announcing a similar enhancement for Cerner. The most recent iteration of Suki Assistant empowers Cerner users to expedite the creation of clinical documentation with greater ease and efficiency, thereby alleviating cognitive load and reducing documentation time. With bi-directional sync, users can work seamlessly across Cerner and Suki to start and complete their documentation, giving them incredible flexibility in their workflow. Finally, users will be able to view their previously signed Cerner notes and copy forward from these notes in Suki. This announcement makes Suki the only AI-powered healthcare solution on the market that has enhanced ambient integration capabilities across multiple EHR systems including Epic and Athena.

The source of this news is from Suki