Oct 26 2022

Learning AI: Where to start

Ryan Siebel

Career Advice

With the immense influence of AI in all fields, learning AI programming is a very popular choice for many people, especially young people. In the future, AI promises to be a hot profession with extremely attractive job and income opportunities. So where to start learning AI programming?


Learning AI programming requires knowledge of Python, SQL


Among many programming languages, Python and SQL are the two most suitable for you to learn AI programming. Python is an object-oriented programming language, possessing high-level data structures. Python uses automatic memory allocation, is open source and flexible. To be able to compose algorithms that apply to Machine Learning, you should start learning the Scikit-learning, NLTK, SciPy, PyBrain, and Numpy libraries. SQL is a data query language. SQL will help you manage and maintain information systems more easily and quickly.


Equip knowledge of mobile application programming languages


This is also a certain background, you need to learn when you want to do AI programming. Because the connection between computers and mobile devices and the trend to control all machines through mobile devices is gradually becoming inevitable. Some of the mobile app programming languages you should learn include:


      • - Cross-platform languages: JavaScript, TypeScript...

      • - Programming languages for Android: Java, Kotlin,…

      • - Programming languages for iOS: Swift, Objective-C…


Systematize background knowledge of probability statistics, mathematics

To learn AI, you need to have a basic knowledge of mathematics, probability and statistics. In particular, applied math is really essential to learning AI.

You can learn this knowledge from books, shared documents of previous programmers, etc.

Practice parallel to learning theory

This is what you need to do if you want your learning to really work. When you are fully equipped with AI knowledge, you need to practice hard every day, from the simplest to advanced practice exercises.

For better practice, you can connect with a team with the same passion for learning AI to do group practice exercises, exchange experiences with each other. In addition, in the process of learning AI, if you have the opportunity, you should apply to be an intern for a company operating in this field. This will be a great opportunity to help you get the most out of reality, understand AI, and develop specific AI applications, etc.

Once you have a complete understanding of the popular programming languages in AI such as Python and SQL, you should learn more advanced Machine Learning. And don't forget to practice every day to strengthen your knowledge and improve your programming skills.

Above are the most detailed shares to make your artificial intelligence programming learning path effective. Hope the above information will help you in your AI learning process.


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