How C3 AI Transforms Business Processes With AI Platform, Industry Apps

April 26, 2023

However, C3 AI has, over 14 years, methodically built its AI engine and over 40 industry and horizontal applications while investing vast sums in developing a complete enterprise AI suite. What They DoC3 AI’s portfolio can be neatly divided into three pillars that constitute a complete enterprise AI suite: AI apps, development tools, and an integrated AI platform. C3 AI is committed to solving the most pressing business and societal challenges through enterprise AI. The sharp increase in attention given to AI provides C3 AI the opportunity to bring its industry-specific apps into a strategic business discussion with customers. Why C3 AI Is a Top 10 AI/Hyperautomation EnablerMoving forward, as companies look more and more to AI to handle problems at an enterprise-wide scale, C3 AI is firmly established as a leading provider of scalable AI technology.

The source of this news is from C3 AI