DataRobot Deepens Google Cloud Partnership with AI Solutions Powered by Google’s Gemini Models

April 09, 2024

April 9, 2024 — BOSTON — DataRobot, the AI lifecycle platform, today announced new integrations and accelerators with Google’s Gemini models, enabling organizations to jumpstart AI solutions and deliver immediate impact. Building on the previously announced DataRobot and Google Cloud partnership to accelerate generative AI solutions, customers can now take advantage of:LLM blueprint strategies for 150+ models in Model Garden, including Gemini models. DataRobot AI Accelerators now include Mistral 7N and Llama 2, in addition to robust support for the Vertex AI Model Garden, empowering AI builders with expansive, flexible, and industry-tailored LLMs. Gannett/USA Today Network confidently applies generative AI solutions with best-in-class AI guardrails and human oversight. DataRobot Partner Ecosystem makes it easy to leverage cutting edge AI technology, cloud infrastructure, and applications directly within the DataRobot AI Platform — and quickly integrate with existing tools — standardizing and strengthening governance across the full AI lifecycle.

The source of this news is from DataRobot