DeepL API strengthens security and flexibility with multiple API keys

March 19, 2024

What you need to know about multiple API keys:Allow for greater independence and flexibility for DeepL API usersIncrease security for situations where an API key is compromisedImproves API user experience with no disruption to existing workflowsHave you ever wished for more than one API key for your DeepL API subscription? We’ve officially launched support for multiple API keys in DeepL API. And as mentioned earlier, using multiple API keys is vital for flexibility, usage insight, and increased security. In short, having multiple API keys allows your organization to:Foster greater independence and flexibilityGather helpful usage insightEnhance API securityReady to streamline your workflows with multiple API keys? Multiple API keys make a world of difference for busy, security-minded companies—and we’re so excited to share this update.

The source of this news is from DeepL